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You've arrived on this page because you want to download some music!

Before we let you have your download you will need to prove that
  • you've become one of our friends
  • you've bought on of our vinyl releases
  • you have a promotional code
  • you or have a voucher code
The codes will only work once so once - so you can't share it around your mates sorry.

If something goes wrong with the download or you need to download the files again for any reason just mail Bob the Site Manager and he'll reset the release code on the database. You'll need to tell him the email address or promo/voucher code.

Please type your
promo/voucher code, or (if you are a new friend) your email address
into the following field and press

"'s me"

The MP3s that are avaiable for you to download will appear here
once we know who you are!