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welcome to our sweetie shop

You can download all of the auralcandy output from the major distributors (iTunes etc). A number of record shops have physical copies: Truck in the Cowley Rd Oxford, That's Entertainment in Swindon for those in our geographic area. Of course we'll have copies at our gigs and we'll happily mail you a copy - use the order buttons below!

"Extended Playtime One" our first EP on heavyweigh 10" vinyl is priced £3 (plus £2 for postage and protective envelope).

"by charing cross station i lay down and slept" our first CD release 5 songs, priced £4 (+£1 for postage).

"occasional moments of clarity" a 10 song album this time which gives us the opportunity to explore different musical genres an lyrical themes, priced £5 (+£1.50 for postage).

"the ballad of cheap haircut" a 13 song album, song cycle/concept album exploring the lives of those who live on the edge (and outside) of society. the forgotten, disenfranchised, demonised - the victims of modern. priced £5 (+£1.50 for postage).

Order "Extended Playtime One" on 10" vinyl....

Order "by charing cross station i lay down and slept" on CD....

Order "occasional moments of clarity" on CD....

Order "the ballad of cheap haircut" on CD....

sorry, we can only send to mainland UK addresses. if you are in an exotic far flung location and would like one of the EP albums please drop us a note via the "contact" page and we'll work something out!

of course if you don't want the physical product you can always download the MP3s from iTunes or one of the other digital distributors.
we'd obviously prefer you to buy the CD from us! then you not only get the songs but a word booklet and a code to download the MP3s for free.