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If you'd like to be our friend you'll need to fill in the form on the right.
Before you start there are some things I think you'll like to know.....
  • we'd like to know your name so that we can say "hi Bob"
    instead of "hi" because that's how friends greet each other!
  • we'd like to know your email so we can let you know what's going on, and know who we're letting in to the friends area...
  • we'd like to know your location so we don't write to you about a gig in Oxford if you live in Cheltenham....or America!
  • we hate spam and will keep our emails to you to a complete
    minimum, we'll try and rely completely on social networking sites to keep in touch, but you'll need to use your email to get into the friends pages of our website.
  • we won't share your email address with anyone...ever
  • when you are on any page in the friends area you will be on a secure connection (as long as you have navigated to this page via the auralcandy home page)
  • we think using an online form is better than carrying a sheet
    of paper around with us, venues seldom have enough light
    to see what you're writing, and you can never find a pen that works....
  • but most of all....we really appreciate you being a friend..... we've got out of the way we can be friends...
Please complete the following fields and press "I'm Done"